Artist of the Month – Manjiri Kanvinde

There was a time when art was only available in brick and mortar galleries and was unaffordable to the common man. With the advent of technology, art is now very accessible and also affordable.

– Manjiri Kanvinde on demystifying Art to the common man

Thank you so much for your time on Little Miss Elf. I remember the last time we met, you were speaking so passionately about your work, I had to know more about your journey as a self-taught artist.

My art is the result of my journey into self-discovery and I am a self-taught artist. I love creating colourful vibrant art using acrylic and watercolours. I was always fascinated by art since childhood and would be engrossed in drawing or painting whenever I had the urge for creativity. However, I was away from the art world since graduating and later, entering into the corporate world. After moving overseas, I once again took up art as a passion, and have been painting since. Art eventually turned into my profession. I have done courses in Folk art painting and went on to complete my Advanced Diploma in Interior design.

Wow. So ultimately, you found your true calling. Now, Nature and Indian Mythology seem to appear consistently in your art. I absolutely love your Indian Goddesses series. Where do you find your inspiration?

Thanks for the compliments Julie. The series of Indian Mythology paintings originated from a commission painting I did for a client. Their requirement was for getting a Goddess Parvati painting for their home and I devised the concept and color scheme which they loved. After finishing that painting and getting a lot of compliments, I was motivated and inspired to create a series of paintings of Devi Shantadruga, Goddess Lakshmi and Maa Durga.

Source : Manjiri Kanvinde

Nature fascinates me and colors excite my senses. My inspiration often comes from my surrounding as also my experiences travelling over the world. I have been fortunate to live in countries including UK, Singapore, USA and India. All the places I lived and travelled have inspired my art. Be it a romantic rainy landscape, cityscape, floral art or abstracts, I am simply infused with motivation to paint when the idea strikes.

What is integral to the work as an Artist? What makes you get to your desk every day?

My passion is what leads to my creations. Once the inspiration strikes, I get obsessed with the idea and paint for hours till I feel satisfied with my painting. Art is almost like meditation for me. I get engrossed in creating and it makes me lost to the outside world till I am done with my project.

That’s true for many creative folks. So tell me, what has been your best and hardest moment as an Artist.

Most of my satisfaction comes from creating my art so when someone decides to spend their hard-earned money to buy my work, it is like a cherry on the cake. I feel blessed to have collectors from all over the world including a few Hollywood celebrities. Each painting sold is a validation of my work as an artist and having repeat collectors is a blessing.

One of the moments in my art journey that I consider best was when my painting titled” Manthan” on women empowerment, was selected by United Nations for display at Expo Milan. I was so proud and absolutely delighted! Also, the Painting “Rainy Day” was selected by American Musician Frank Bango as the front cover for his music album released in New York. This gave me a lot of publicity and happiness. My participation in International exhibitions in USA, Italy, Singapore, France and India have gradually built up my confidence and eventually, got me recognition which I am thankful for.

Source : Rainy Day

You could find some of my work here:



I haven’t had any hardest moments as I consider this art journey as my passion. There is always room to learn and better my art. I always take any rejection or criticism in the positive spirit and strive to improve my skills. However, art is a very expensive hobby/profession. So if there are no sales it can be very frustrating, especially for artists whose livelihood depends on the sales. For me personally, I feel fortunate to be able to pursue this as a profession without worrying about the sales. That is one of the reasons I feel happy to donate a portion of my sales to charity.

You have had a very interesting journey so far in the World of Art. But, Art seems inaccessible and not affordable for a common man. People feel very daunted by thought of visiting an Art gallery or buying an Art. What would you say to them?

There was a time when art was only available in brick and mortar galleries and was unaffordable to the common man. With the advent of technology, art is now very accessible and also affordable. Online avenues are reaching art to the remotest places. They are very competitively priced. Previously buying art was a luxury only the rich could afford. Now, the younger generation is very conscious and aware of the art market. They buy art for Investment as well as for the sheer pleasure of Home Decoration.

For people who are yet to get their first piece of original art, I would say go for it and buy an original. When you buy art from an artist you are buying more than an object. You are buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy. Every artist pours his heart and soul in their art and you get a piece of someone else’s life when you buy their work. Besides original art can be passed down generations just like a bejeweled necklace.

You mentioned that you always give part of your sales to charity. Tell me more about these wonderful organizations.

Right from the time I started selling my art, I have been donating to various charities. It was St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, when we lived in New Jersey, USA. In India I have been donating to Cancer Research Foundation in Mumbai, Kidney and Dialysis Foundation, and individual donations to the needy. I have been an active Rotarian and now a member of Inner wheel Club. We undertake a lot of projects for the social betterment and progress. I feel blessed to be able to paint and share my art with people who appreciate it. Donating my art and a portion of my sales is a very small way of giving back to the society.

That sounds very inspirational. Wishing you good luck on your journey. Please keep delighting us with all your lovely work.

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  1. This reaffirms the thought that the art makes an artist more beautiful!
    Kudos to you lady! Your Series of Goddess paintings are so powerful!


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