Belief is Death of Reason

Belief is Death of Reason

Currently, I am on a wonderful journey of Mindfulness practice. I heard this guided meditation today about seeing things with a new set of eyes, beginning to notice every day objects very carefully. I couldn’t agree more, when it pronounced that over years and years we have analysed and labelled things in our mind. It said that it was time we described things differently, starting with simple day to day objects.

And I thought, that was very refreshing and yet so hard to practice at the same time.
A dusty book lying in a corner of your room is just that! What would you say to that little cushion which you throw aside when you plonk yourself on the sofa? That very cushion which was your proud purchase on the shopping trip with girls.

As an adult, the novelty factor of concepts and ideas wears off. Atleast, for the millennial generation which has grown up in the most peaceful times in recent history and has problem of abundance. Perhaps, the reason we enjoy travelling to new places so much is because it allows us to see things in a different light, sample a variety of foreign food. It allows us to explore new belief systems.

But what about our own belief systems closer to home? There are things which may we love about our home country which we have held true for so long. Travelling allows us an opportunity to challenge those and embrace new ideas, new concepts, new people.

But look even deeper within, with a micro scope on your personal belief systems. You will be shaken to the core, you will have a laugh, you will heave a sigh! You are your belief systems, your belief systems are you. And often, they are death of reason.

9 August 2019

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