Valiant = Vulnerable

Little boys and girls are often told and shown stories of heroic bravery when they are growing up. Who doesn’t like a tale where a righteous hero fought against a nasty villain.
For people like me who never chose to argue loudly, push and shove around the playground, a title is passed very quickly.

Wimp. Radubai. Limbutimbu.

To make matters worse, I am compulsory dreamer, a recovering romantic.
So, then I often found myself at the other side of the receiving end.
It is very recently that I understood that I had another superpower. I found strength in my emotional quotient. I could voice my concerns effectively. Gently and Firmly. I am not shy to acknowledge my fears and my shame openly. Seek help when needed.
That enables me to learn things quickly and fail faster.
As far as attending kickboxing sessions, I know those big burly men will almost do a mock fight and go very gentle on me if I am partnered with them.

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