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My very first engagement

It is not easy to keep away things from your partner especially when you are planning a surprise. To add to it, is this lock down misery. This was the constraint faced by H as she really wanted to do something special for A’s birthday. She couldn’t even go shopping in this lock down. I presented her few ideas with […]

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(Continuing my series on Parks in cities. This one on Central Park) माया नगरी, माया बाजार,भांडवलशाही राज्यांचे हे सुवर्ण दार.काम नाही तर राम नाही,काम नाही तर राम नाही,शहराला या आराम नाही. तरीही, भाग्यवान मँहँटनकरांनाआहे एक हक्काचा हिरवा गालिचा,सामान्य माणसाच्या यादीत असतोCentral Park चा फेरफटका. भटकता भटकता दिसते, त्या एखाद्या गरीब बापड्याला,Park मधून डोकावणारे ते पंचतारांकित शहर.तेंव्हा चंमचंमणार्या त्या मंझिंलींचीही भिडते […]

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Alice in Wonderland

(Remembering my walk around Stanley Park, this time around last year) I walk hurriedly like the Mad Hatterbut with an air of a friendly West Coast jet-setter.Very determined, I open the Stanley Park map.A light grey sky cannot deter a Londoner armed with a rainy cap. The Lion Gate bridge adds to its glory as the theatrical sea planes fly […]

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