Newsletter – Diwali Special Edition

Little Miss Elf

Happy Deepawali!

I was hoping to be in India this time of the year. See all my friends and family over Diwali.  Do the usual Diwali drill : walk through the colourfully lit lanes of Dadar to do some last minute shopping, eat tons of faral and maybe even attend a Diwali Pahat ( a music concert held on Diwali morning)

But then the best laid plans are disrupted. But its still Diwali! 
My little friends Svarna and Aaraksh have created a video to make an Aakash Kandil. You don’t really need to go into busy high streets when you can make one at home.

Last few years, we have realised the importance of conducting our festival celebrations in a sustainable fashion. Amita Deshpande, Founder Re-charkha will inspire to make wise decisions on making environment friendly choices. Do check out her interview.

And lastly, Wishing you and your family A very Happy Diwali!
Stay safe and sound wherever you are. Doesn’t matter if you can’t do your Diwali drill, remember that Diwali is but celebrated in our hearts.

Lots of Love,  

Little Miss Elf.

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Entrepreneur of the Month

Read more about Amita Deshpande, Founder of Re-Charkha, Pune on her journey to create usable re-cycled products, empowering the tribal community and her passion to save the environment and enrich the community. Read more…

DIY Aakash Kandil

My little friends and massive bundles of energy, Svarna and Arksha Ambavanekar share how to make a good old Aakash Kandil.
Do check out their fun video¬†

If you think someone known to you deserves an applause, no matter how small their effort, please do get in touch. I will ensure that we can do something to make their day and put a smile on their face!
Let’s make them “Sooo Hottt!”

That’s it folks. Do let me know your comments, thoughts and any feedback.

See you next month!