That Ganpati on the Beach

Forget that Summer Body or that person with a perfect swimsuit, if you spot this special creature anywhere on holiday destinations, please don’t glare at them.

Higher chances, you will be stared back with equal passion. For, that is what this average creature would be accustomed in recent months. Their job is to sit around most of the time, doing nothing. A little whine, a little shrug, a little pout and they will have people at their service as ready as a Genie from the Bottle.

I mean, they would have definitely struggled before this mentally or physically but why would anybody care then! They haven’t acquired special powers. Why would anyone fuss over them then? Unless, of course they already have a ‘Highness’ title attached to them since birth.

Friends and family would gush over them saying how big they are! Strangers, would try to hush and ask…Are you really? To, this they would want to scream or snap back and say….Do you think I really have a ….f** *elly?

Oh! And please don’t have a look and judge their plate of food whilst you stuff yourself with organic fluff stuff at the breakfast buffet. Not all of these creatures will throw up. High chances that is one of the sources of joy they have in recent times.

They have to follow strict advisory guidelines. No heavy lifting, no running around the escalators, no watching gory crime. Basically, don’t have a life.

Just be a Ganpati on the Beach. Plastered with sun screen minus the decorations. Squeezed into a swimsuit after hours of thought.

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