It was a year of magical thinking,
We all thought that ‘Eleanor Oliphant is fine’ without blinking.

Ofcourse, it wasn’t only about ‘the case against sugar’,
She wasn’t exactly one of ‘the women who ran with the wolves’ for the average onlooker.

She took comfort in her ‘Sathavan’, ignoring her ‘Mindset’,
‘Ego is the enemy’ in plain sight, you bet!

Self-loathing, scared, disillulisoned lost in the ‘Norweigan wood’.
‘How not to be a boy(Girl)’ she had finally understood.

It was a year of magical thinking.

‘It was going to hurt’, but she had to decode the ‘Chimp Paradox’,
With acceptance, self-love she had to unleash her mental-block.

Tenderly, unfurling her wings ‘being creative’, she had to soar high,
It was a magical ‘Metamorphosis’ – just like a butterfly!

5 July 2019

Categories: Mindfulness, Poetry

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