Dear Crystal Lodge

Dear Crystal Lodge

Thank you for sending me reassuring reminders that you would be opening soon. As much as I want to get into my airport look, I believe I would be shopping for extra pair of pyjamas (at a discount, ofcourse) instead.
Trust me, I occasionally scroll through our last year’s pictures. The happy days by the tranquil lakes and trails in the woods. Impromptu jumps in the pristine waters.
I was secretly thrilled as my very adventurous husband was rather squeamish through the daily gondola rides. Nothing was empowering as telling him to take it easy on the Sasquatch zipline.
Those dangerous cliffs were also a testament to our fitness. Hardly, a mountain goat! More of those grazers, who get lured by greener pastures(or burgers).
Speaking of which, there are days when I contemplate that I should have moved to Vancouver in first place, seven years ago. I bet our Megan Soonbai feels the same way considering, it was her first choice as well.But, believe I would have still suffered the familiarity fatigue.
Maybe, another lifetime. Deal?
Until, then I hope to have a quick tete-a-te whenever time permits. No, we won’t be returning this Winter. We are Indians, not ski people.
Yours longing customer
JP (Sorry no, Xo Xo)

P.S: I am attaching my picture post a dip in the lost lake. We will leave the ‘Rising out of water’ images to Bollywood heroines.

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