My first adventures

I often day dream of a desk by a scenic window with just hours of constructive writing. But instead, scatterbrains like me, indulge more in numerous diaries, journals and pocket books. I have an annoying habit of scribbling notes, doodling, scratching out and then forgetting all about it.Chances are you will find them in each of my rooms. I may forget my keys, but to forget a diary is blasphemy. On the contrary, there isn’t much patience towards taking pictures or taking a camera wherever I go. I am usually satisfied with two clicks.How I envy those carefully crafted Insta pics! As I am trying to build a social media presence for my venture, the struggle is real.

Last weekend, my methodical cleaning lady, kindly gathered all my notebooks and stacked them neatly by my bedside.

I found this: a doodle diary of my travels. Something which I had started last year but had quickly abandoned. Noted are details of my first adventures: Year Three: A summer camp with cousin near Dahanu. A glorious picnic and a dip in a pond near Bori, Goa.
Year Five: A trip to Nepal with Mum and Dad. Highlight: White water rafting.
Year Ten: A trip to downtown Mumbai in the local with just the “girls”.

Moments like these make me smile. Who needs pictures when I am blessed with a photographic memory instead? As for my venture, I am certainly enjoying those “first” rushes, feels like a whole new adventure.

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