Top gift ideas for Love Languages : Physical Touch

I do know a lot of people who have were absolutely by themselves during the severe lockdown. Needless to say, it was mentally and emotionally difficult for them to be without any human contact.
There would be few people who are not soothed by a gentle hug or a pat on the back. However as Dr. Gary Chapman puts in his book, appropriate physical touch depends on every individual’s culture and background.

Physical touch as a present is a tricky one! What is appropriate and what isn’t? The key is communication. Just ask.
For those who are like me who have a difficulty around setting tboundaries, here is a wonderful article.

Moving to presents for people whose love language is Physical Touch; here are a few ideas. As always Little Miss Elf is here to help:

1. Comfy Blanket/Scarf
When I was younger, I always wrapped my mother’s duppatta around me whilst lounging around. There was something soothing about it.
If you are into knitting, a blanket or scarf could be a winning present for a loved one who misses your touch. Don’t worry if not, buy a nice comfy quilt or pashmina shawl with a note to say – Hope this reminds you of my warmth. I am always around you.

2. Be an Activity partner
Maybe the recipient is someone who is active. Partner with them to a team activity – cooking or even a diy project at home. Go for a run or a walk with them or perhaps practice some dance moves.
If they are an anderline junkie, and you are feeling brave maybe do a tandem jump.
These can be modified perfectly for any age group. Boisterous play with your niece or nephew is all part of this. Don’t forget to mention that the activity is part of your fun time together. And don’t forget to cuddle, hold, snuggle, kiss, hug or smother them as appropriate during this time.

3. Sensory gifts
Pack five gifts as per five senses. Label them accordingly.Adapt it as per age of receipient.

4. Spa/Massage

5. Jewellery
Why jewellery? Because a person wears it, touches a person’s body and also gently reminds them who gifted them!

6. Perfume
A good perfume never killed anybody.

Do share in comments below, if you have any other gift ideas for this special love language.

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