DIY Diwali Lantern

I so remember making easy Aakash Kandils or Lanterns as a child. It was always a project for Diwali Holidays in India.

Unfortunately Diwali is going to be different this year for the Indian community in the UK and perhaps many parts in the world.

At London, we are Lockdown 2.0 and meeting family and friends seem a distant dream.

But fear not, my friends very energetic and creative boys, Svarna and Arksha will show you how to make easy peasy DIY Aakash Kandils.

Make multiple and string them in a chain or make a big giant one.

Let there be light! Enjoy

Svarna and Aaraksh show making Lantern in easy steps


  1. So creative!! Well done Svarna and Arksha!! A πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘to their ever enthusiastic father as well!


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