South Africa : Franschhoek – Eat, Sleep and Drink

You could do it! I signalled a thumbs up as we drove off in the Volkswagen on the highways of South Africa and both of us couldn’t stop drooling over the brilliant roads. ‘’No instructions’’ please when I am in the drivers seat, warned hubby.
 Yeah, it was our first together and a test for our patience (and marriage!) The man had not driven a car in six years and I was the kid who thought her dad was best driver ever.As for my driving abilities? Never mind!

So, all was good and we soon reached the wine country of South Africa which is barely 90 minutes away from Cape Town. In fact as our plane crossed the red and arid karoo dessert, we could notice the geography changing drastically. We could spot the grey mountains dotted with green patches on its slopes and valleys.

Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl are the villages are South Africa’s celebrated vineyard regions. A big thank you to French Huguenots for this special heritage (Franschhoek means “French Corner” in Dutch). Fleeing persecution under Louis XIV and invited to the Cape by Dutch Protestants, the Huguenots brought their knowledge of wine-making – and restaurants have sprung up to make the most of this fine resource.
Needless to say that Adi and I have a taste good food. More than the crucial 32 gunas, this was the first criteria for signing off on marriage match. Now hailing from the Indian subcontinent we cannot really differentiate between Chardonnay and Shiraz. But what the heck! We do enjoy a good wine.So we settled for this cute and homely Cape Vue Bed andBreakfast at Franschhoek.   Franschhoek has a lovely holiday feel high street with cute little shops selling local produce, cafes and restaurants and wine. A perfect getaway if you have only eat, sleep and drink on your mind.  Unless you want to engage yourself into history there is a local museum and a motor museum nearby.

You cannot  go wrong with any restaurant here, it’s a gastronomic gate away. The food is so fresh and delicious. The weather? Just perfect!! 20 C and clear sunshine!!
The village offers a Tram service for wine lovers over two routes covering six vineyards.  So just two Desi’s set off on a wine trail!  There are around 26 vineyards offering different experiences in the locality. So take your pick… fancy wine and cheese or chocolate and wine pairing? Or would you rather select some olives instead?  Many restaurants even offer a picnic menu.

After two tasting sessions… I hung my boots! No I wasn’t high, I simply felt sick with all combinations of wine. Although I was spitting out most of it. 

Time for a sumptuous lunch at Dieu Donne, a vineyard perched on a slope with amazing views of the valley. 

As for Adi, he went strong! Never skipped a session. After all for £1.5 per tasting, wouldn’t a Desi make it paisa vasool??

(Top tip: Don’t forget to watch a special show – A clear starry sky from your verandah as you tuck yourself into your sweetheart’s arms)

28 November 2014

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