Travel : Discovering places and beyond

People travel to faraway places to watch,                                                

 In fascination The kind of people they ignore at home.

‘’What is the best time to visit to London?’’, a lot of our friends and family ask us, after all its their ‘’Hakkach  ghar ani manasa’’. We equally love having people at our place or atleast make it a point to see them in London considering its just the two of us throughout the year.
With travel, curiosity fills the minds of our guests, ‘’ Oh! It is so quiet here’’ to ‘’ The pubs open at 11 am!’’ General observations and discussions follow and we are happy to give all insider tips and experiences. 

But the best part of it, is the to do lists people have when in London. When Shruti visited London, she had every attraction on her agenda . The two of us were delighted to roam arround every nook and corner of the city. I was two months old in London myself and it helped me get acquainted into cultural ways of the English. The history and museums fascinated our geeky brain whilst accidentally attending a practice session of musicians at Cambridge made our faces smile.

When Teju visited us on a cold autumn weekend, she couldn’t be happier posing at the ‘Bridge’ on Thames where Shahrukh Khan dances to Challa song. I couldn’t be more delighted to see Adi at Lords souvenir shop, he spent half hour selecting his merchandise whilst three women waited for him patiently. He handled every bat with such care and drooled at it with puppy eyes. That moment I wished, ” Agale janam muzhe cricket bat banna.” 😛
 Sana spent a couple of weeks of summer with me last year and my darling sister wandered inside the Harry Potter Studio with total enchantment. Harry Potter made her childhood which she cherishes to date.

My in-laws visited us recently and my otherwise demure mother-in-law held us at ransom at Kew Gardens. She took her sweet time looking at every plant, posing near all sorts of landscapes. Her joy held no bounds as she imparted us all the information of every species of plants and was never shy to gather and tuck the pine-cones in her pockets.

Perhaps this is the best part of travelling to a distant place. It not only opens gate away to the world at large but helps you discover yourself, a part which you sometimes sadly ignore at home. The child within you.

21 June 2015

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