Inner Space

High consumption of OTT platforms is my current escapism as Lockdown 3.0 progresses in Britain. My recent one being the critically acclaimed “Is love enough Sir?” The titular question is still looming in my mind for days. But most importantly the plush but sombre tight space where these individuals fall in love. It almost becomes a character in itself. So, it comes as no surprise when Ashwin begs her to go elsewhere. As if they would be some other people in a different world than a master and servant.
Another film, which I had watched same time last year and was deeply moved was ‘ A Marriage Story’ featured a similar character – Space. Most of the drama has been shot indoors although in different homes and offices.
Shut to the outside world. Privy to only the protagonists. The two films are stark different. One essays two people from different classes falling in love and other is a story of separation of rather privileged people. Both the processes are gradual. Both the processes are inwards, private and equally beautiful.

And the character in the shadow – Inner Space lights up both these films.
Would Ashwin notice Ratna so tenderly if it wasn’t for this space? Would the outside world know about the Nicole’s and Charlie’s truth?

Do our homes provide sanctity for us or do they become a nuisance with time?
Ask a practising monk if they get attached to space, ask a housewife stuck in a rut. Ask a domestic abuse victim.

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