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Eat, Love, Pray and Listen

Recently, an insightful conversation sparked amongst my friends around ‘Privelege’. Although, it eventually, lost its steam, one thing we concurred that money solves only money problems. Though it is the biggest hurdle for many, it only brings you only material happiness.Whenever, we have a whine about silliest of things, we often joke here and say “My first world problems.”Years ago, […]

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A Weekend in Windermere

In a bright red kayak,bouncing upon the gentle waves of Windermere,flowing in a rhythm of two to two. On a thin wooden branch,swinging over the shore of Windermere,dancing in a rhythm of two to two. Up on my sturdy feet,climbing over the hills at Windermere,descending in a rhythm of two to two. On the narrow roads,driving amidst hues of green […]

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Right place, right time. It’s such a cliche. But is it? All of us never chose where to be born, whom to be born to, how to be born and most importantly at what time! My mother often narrates, how I was born on torrential rainy evening in July and getting to the hospital was a nightmare. Ah! The timing! […]

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