For A Strong Mind: Challenge 2019

This challenge has truly taught me the importance of a strong Mind.We were probably the only Indian family doing this together at the event. It’s a day which I will definitely narrate to my grandchildren. Here is my story:The first 30km were achievable. But the last 10km it was 75% mental battle and that made a difference!! The Plumpton hill ( last 10km) killed me even though I had prepared there only two weeks ago. Whilst training, I had wondered if I should move from London to that lovely part of Sussex. Last Sunday, when I was almost alone on that stretch, with barely any human interaction, I wanted to get out of there!I still can’t believe I have done it but I know for certain that I won’t hang my boots yet. For those of you know me, I was always a ‘ Bhatukli Samarat’, always taking solace in imaginary worlds and books.If you asked me when I was 10, if I would walk a long distance, you would have heard me cry!As a teenager, I did enjoy going for walks but academia took over. There wasn’t ‘E’ for Exercise in my dictionary.The walks which I usually did were upto Shivaji Park or Worli Promenade with a pit stop at local pani puriwala. Or as Adi would say, in a Mall.Marriage to Mr Sports Charming and family meant, exercise and sports were at Dinner table.Its only when I arrived in […]

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