For A Strong Mind: Challenge 2019

This challenge has truly taught me the importance of a strong Mind.
We were probably the only Indian family doing this together at the event. It’s a day which I will definitely narrate to my grandchildren.

Here is my story:
The first 30km were achievable. But the last 10km it was 75% mental battle and that made a difference!! The Plumpton hill ( last 10km) killed me even though I had prepared there only two weeks ago. Whilst training, I had wondered if I should move from London to that lovely part of Sussex. Last Sunday, when I was almost alone on that stretch, with barely any human interaction, I wanted to get out of there!
I still can’t believe I have done it but I know for certain that I won’t hang my boots yet.

For those of you know me, I was always a ‘ Bhatukli Samarat’, always taking solace in imaginary worlds and books.
If you asked me when I was 10, if I would walk a long distance, you would have heard me cry!
As a teenager, I did enjoy going for walks but academia took over. There wasn’t ‘E’ for Exercise in my dictionary.The walks which I usually did were upto Shivaji Park or Worli Promenade with a pit stop at local pani puriwala. Or as Adi would say, in a Mall.
Marriage to Mr Sports Charming and family meant, exercise and sports were at Dinner table.
Its only when I arrived in London that I had time for myself. The open spaces were really inviting. I got into habit of exercising regularly. I learnt to swim at age of 28! After all, my father in law always asked me every week,
” Are you exercising?” (Ofcourse , there have been months when Gyms have profited from my absence.)
Its only beginning of this year, that I decided to take up a challenge.It was best way to test my physical as well as mental strengths.

My parents thought I was crazy but understanding that I was practicing regularly, joined my mental support troupe. However, a minor injury on my knee set me backwards and I was only 100% better only two weeks before. ( Sorry Mum and Dad)
Looking at the calendar, I asked Aai- Babuji if they would like to join me as they had plans to travel. It would be after a while that all of us would be in same country.So, AJP joined The Alphanso People with Adi( Wearing multiple hats as Trekmaster, Coach, Physiotherapist, Cook) supporting the team, making this truly special event.

29 May 2019

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