A Recipe for Love

Have you ever looked at a person and wondered who is this person?
As in, who is the person really? That little toddler who is trying all antics to grab your attention. When he wobbles to give you his ‘pretend tea’ and gives you a toothed smile.And you pull him towards you to give him a hug?

A friend whose sense of humour encompasses the room. Have you paused in the spree of laughter for a second and wondered what makes her so funny? Or simply sang along in an impromptu duet with an acquaintance in a party with a knowing smile and awkward glance at them?

Have you gulped down bowls of your favourite food which your mum has painstakingly made? Then wondered, how could she do it all?

Have you fallen in love those moments? Look more intently, give your attention. You will be in love, yet again!

15 December 2019

Categories: Mindfulness, Short Reads

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