A Shoutout to Sisterhood

Gone is the era when a “Female Boss” meant Doom and a devil in disguise. A group of women could be united only to belittle someone. I have grown up in an era where real women were portrayed as goddesses or monsters on screen. A mother is an epitome of all warm, sacrificing Martyr of the war whereas the bad woman wore skimpy costumes, danced with a glass dangling around the villain. On the silver screen, the bad woman could be the evil mother in law or the scheming sister in law.

Move to 2019, I am really pleased at the moment with wave of strong women lead films and TV shows. I am madly,deeply, obsessively in love with Vinaelle, as much as Eve could be. My ears paid all attention when the woman entrepreneur consoles Fleabag…”It gets better with age, I promise.”
Sobhita’s character Tara in Made in Heaven had deep shades of grey, she was flawed yet unashamedly ambitious, a savvy business woman yet deeply ethical in running her ventures. I haven’t seen such an unapologetic woman painted on mainstream Indian media since Tagore’s Binodini. Another gem, is Lipstick under the Burkha. A movie finally showcasing Indian women’s desires; to be heard and not just seen, to be felt, understood and not just used.
Although, Panga seems like a formula film, I would still score it for its attempt on the sisterhood camaraderie.
But the movie, which had me in tears recently was “Little Women”. I had given up reading the book when I was about 12ish…another romantic pursuit of women, I had thought. But watching it on screen, I appreciated it so much more. It has been the most contemporary version, a coming of age movie where young women stand by their choices even if they are not so popular. The movie attempts to take a neutral ground on those choices and I believe that is true feminism.

I didn’t care so much that the movie hall was filled with only women and girls. Atleast I know, the next generation of girls will have examined enough female role models to imbibe. That they can choose what they want to be and stand by it without remorse or guilt.
For as a popular line from the classic Queen goes,

“Gar Maanjhi Saath Mein
Ger Ho Bhi Jaaye
Toh Khud Hi Toh Pathwaar Ban

( Dedicated to my really tough mother, my enthusiastic yet calm mother in law, my super supportive best friends spread across the world, my little cheeky sister in USA, to my cousin sister whom I have grown up with, My Big caring sister based in London, my strong kick ass female bosses and so many other women who touch my life daily.)

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