A Family Holiday

Zip-zip, zap-zap, zoom.
Along the coastal hilly roads in the swift silver sedan,
Scattered Crisp-crumbs and hundred screams of ‘Are we there yet’? from the backseat
Yelps of excitement to the favourite stereo-beat.

Rickety-a-trickety, hush-rush.
Beneath the breezy palm trees in wooden stilt cabins,
Card games, refreshing siestas and marvelling cries of ‘Look what I found’ from the shore
Tranquil sighs to the mellow-orange sunset-décor.

Rum-a-rumble, tumble- grumble.
After the drenched frolicking in the ocean,
Prawn fried rice, Moorish lobster tails and satisfying nods of ‘That was delicious’ from the table
Tired good-nights to the twinkling firefly’s babble.

Despite the shimmering robes in chandelier-lit restaurants,
The finest meal I ever had was on an evening by the sea
With sandy feet, Mum, Dad, Bokya and me.

10 October 2018

Categories: Poetry, Travel

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