Escape to La La Land

She walks in beauty from the celestial screen to fill up your days and dreams.
He enters the battlefield with ammunition, strategy and lurking mystery.
Ofcouse! It’s galaxial crisis or a page from forgotten history.

They enter the club flamboyantly to soak in to the night of spirits, trance and dance.
They enter the boardroom confidently with presentations, reviews and target.
Ofcourse! It’s for the big promotion or the next big market.

She boards the plane excitedly to a promised land of abundance and tranquility.
He enters the great hall calmly with yoga mat, essence sticks and organic tea.
Ofcourse! It’s to witness the holy saint or a place in the Heaven for free.

The passage of the ‘will’ oscillates between now and then.
Ofcourse! They all agree that its safer to be in the La La Land, yet again!

29 February 2019

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