The Big Fight

“I had enough of you, control freak!
I would rather run wild into the trees.”

“I have feelings you see.
how will my dreams advance?
All you do is eat, drink, party and dance.”

“So, my excesses are too much.
Lunatic! What about your drama?
Your accusations make my stomach clutch.”

“So, sorry, sometimes I do act silly,
Obsess over things willy-nilly.”
“That’s ok, sweetheart, you’re not alone,
Even my interiors may hold elements unknown.”

So finally, the mind and body gave in.
To not understand each other was indeed frightening.
They decided to rest their case. Acceptance was the key in this phase.

Mindfully, I heard their plea,
And I thought this was the best plan.
For the mind, body, soul and me.

19 January 2020

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