Silly Stupid Cherry Tree

Silly stupid cherry tree
Jovial and carefree.

Playing with the robins,
singing to the bees.
Weeping with the hollow wind,
giving an ear to the passer-by
for it was gentle and kind.

You could mistake it
for the wise oak,
For it had taken perilious journeys,
As it stood solitary
on the rounded hillock.

Silly stupid cherry tree
Jovial and carefree

“You blossom too much, little cherry”, moaned the robin.
“You need to shed the leaves now”, thats the land’s decree.
“Is it true?”, enquired the cherry tree,
with the moaning wind and singing bees.
Oh yes, yes, yes!!

Yes, ofcourse you stupid silly cherry tree.

Only the easterly wind took pity.
He assured that the blossoms looked pretty.
It spoke to her of the festival of Hunami and the orchards in a faraway city.

So the brave cherry, wriggled and persisted,
But then its deep roots resisted.
The howling strong winds had its branches twisted.
Whilst the singing bees had it desserted.

Stupid silly cherry tree
Wrecked and brought to its knees.

Days, weeks and months went by,
The cherry continued to moan and sigh, it stood halfway uprooted and branches twisted.

Little saplings of cherry bloomed nearby.
“Dont blossom too much”, they were warned.

For here lies the stupid silly cherry tree
Once jovial and carefree
Now wrecked and brought to it knees.

5 May 2018.

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