In Praise of Pessimism

Sorry to bring in a sinister mood on this rose- tinted day like today. But whilst we are rejoicing in name of Love, Hope and Optimism, let us also take note of our most frowned upon term called Pessimism. I am not really for the good morning, motivational Monday quote.If you love the job, you would do it even on Sunday afternoon!

Generally I appear to be this happy, sunshine soul but I am also somewhat a defensive pessimist or a strategic pessimist. Well, to start with I have studied accounting and law. So forward looking statements rule my life.
Tighten the wording around a clause in contract. Have sufficient provisions been made?
I am definitely the ant who saves for the rainy day. I usually have plan B’s up my sleeve as I check off my to do lists.
What is a strategic pessimist? Ok, IT wizards and problem solving engineers, take a back seat. Here it is:
1. Always assume for the worst : Health or Relationships, Exams or Career.
2. Lower your expectations: He is going to forget that gift, anyways! Or, I think I may just make it to a Pass grade.
3. Over prepare: Yes, three desserts as options. ALWAYS.
4. Take calculated risks: Common sense over complicated maths.

So Pessimism is not really all doom and gloom, but when in England, carry your umbrella.

14 February 2020

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