Reasons why Mindfulness Meditation is similar to travelling – A single ticket to journey within

Life as we know is simply ebbs and flows. Nothing is too permanent, nothing absolute. Recently, I felt my life was a sieve, everything went past me, so swiftly. However, my meditation practice, something which I started in 2018, has given me a different perspective to an activity which I enjoy the most – Wanderlust.
Here are my reasons why travelling to a different country is similar to mindfulness meditation
Planning the Big Trip
The best flight and hotel deal, chalking out the must do restaurants and places to visit…don’t you love the thrill of planning a holiday? As millennials we make it a priority to plan ahead to ensure the best experience even stealing our office hours! Meditation is similar – first and foremost you need to find the time to do it, as little as 10 minutes per day. Type of meditation is no bar – suit your tastes and preferences. Whether it is simple chanting or guided one, the key is priority.

Exploring new culture
The folk stories, the historic facts, the culinary delights, the pristine beaches, you want to soak it all in isn’t it? Have you ever explored your own mind with a similar zest? Do you know the stories which you have been telling yourself for years? Do you know the true reasons of your anger or your restlessness? Your mind has depths, corners and blind spots, it also has a way of giving you green positive signals. But often, we find ourselves racing fast to get the next thing done, that restaurant to dine, that party dress to alter, those pearls to buy.
Do we allow ourselves to explore our own mind? Are we kind to ourselves just as we are to a stranger or do we make constant comparisons?Guard your belongings
Common sense. Yet, we struggle when it comes to our mind. We are unsure when it is unhealthy, after all the symptoms are not simple as a Delhi Belly! Shame, Fear may prevent us from reporting a loss of a precious item while travelling. Similarly, we may feel the same to express ourselves, to protect ourselves. Mindfulness mediation supports you through this process just as your best friend on your trip or the good Samaritan who returns your lost passport.

Enriches you but doesn’t alter your life
Unless you want to quit your life of Maya and become a yogi, Mindful mediation doesn’t alter your life. It simply enriches you just like your backpacking experience in Europe or your luxury hotel stay in Thailand. It only enriches your life, a tiny grain at a time.
Simply reading a book or watching a film about a culture doesn’t help, the experience is the key.  Om Shanti!
A Man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.   

18 January 2019

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