The sense of territory is undoubtedly an animalistic instinct. The sense of ownership is even more powerful…my hands, my clothes, my family, my home, my tribe, my country. Mine, Mine, Mine.
It’s always I the fool versus their behaviour, their haughtiness, their mischief.
We create titles to the land, we write lenghthy wills and we draw territories. We refuse people any right to ours. Not my problem, we declare! Not my child, we look away. We collect pennies while sipping our expensive handpicked slavery free tea to move on to next worthy holiday destination plan.
Then on a fine day, an unknown enemy sweeps across the world. There are no gods. There are no borders.
There is fear. There is anxiety. There is paranoia. There is a faint hope and cheer. All without borders.
Were the birds, rivers and the wind telling about it all this time?

पंछी नदिया पवन के झोंके कोई सरहद ना इन्हें रोके सरहदें इन्सानों के लिए हैं सोचो तुमने और मैने क्या पाया इन्सां हो के

19 March 2020

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