Boys don’t cry

If you asked me at 15 for exchanging my life for that of a man, I would grab the chance with both my hands. For longest period of time, I felt being man was so much easier.

But today, I feel sorry for men. What! Am I bonkers? You will rub the gender pay gap in my face, the unfair sharing of household duties, the violence statitics.
I am not denying those and its a long journey for equity.
Most of the households will see rise of what we refer to as a ‘Metrosexual men’. They will wear pink, cook occassionally as a hobby, will respect womenfolk, take care of children and even advocate feminism.
But many of them will struggle in silence. The expectations of being a man have not gone in entirety, you see.
Their focus was to only study while growing up and not necessarily multi-task.They were raised to be breadwinners. They were married to for the financial stability they offered.
A woman may rarely call out her female friend an idiot in a group setting. Women are likely to check on each other about their emotional well being.
Men are likely to bottle up their emotions. A cry baby! Tut! Tut.
As a mindfulness co-ordinator at work, I was barely suprised when NO MAN turned up week after week.
Mindfulness asks you to be in tune with your feelings. And to do so in a workspace. What a horror!
Its no wonder, that statistics show that more men die by sucide than women.
Its a number I am not willing to compete as a woman.
I will wear my vulnerability on my sleeve, acknowledge easily when I need help.
I will cry like a girl.

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