Dil Chahta Hai:Love and Hope

This is still a special story. Four school friends. Three girls and a boy. Living across different continents over different periods of time. Most importantly at different stages in their lives. The only time the four of them have been together are the couple of carefree odd years they spent in Mumbai in their early twenties. Then?

Well, adulting is a serious business.
They all got caught up in their lives. Their priorities shifted.
The phone calls became infrequent and the messages said they were having time of their lives. Ofcourse, there were moments of ” Tell me I will buy that next ticket and be right there”.
You know what the other person at the end of the phone will say to that statement, right?
They did have their share of holidays together. Amsterdam, Spain, Paris. But each time, there was a person or two missing from the plan.

But in November 2018, I had a rare smile on my face as tepid waters washed my feet. The foursome were finally together.It was only a three day trip. What felt like years of waiting had finally come true.
A Goa trip with friends.
Isn’t that a coming of age thing for every Indian millenial child ever? So, what if it was a decade too late.
It is still what these silly people kept alive in their hearts. Love and Hope.
After all these years.

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