Right place, right time. It’s such a cliche. But is it?

All of us never chose where to be born, whom to be born to, how to be born and most importantly at what time! My mother often narrates, how I was born on torrential rainy evening in July and getting to the hospital was a nightmare.

Ah! The timing!

Apparently, I was almost swapped at birth but for my gracious mole. That makes me wonder, what if I was actually swapped?

Undoubtedly, my belief system would be different. Would I still enjoy Classical Music as much I do now? Would a Time Machine help?

In the 1940’s, my grandmother almost went to College but had to abandon her dreams as commuting to Ruia was a nightmare due to the Quit India Movement. Maybe 100 year onwards, a woman would be working remotely from Mars.

Forget Mars, I am wanting to explore Mother Earth first and more importantly see my Mother. How far back do I go? Our birth probably dictates our present. If I were born in our neighbour’s house.

I would be a Jain.

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