Top gift ideas for Words of Affirmation

Admit it, most of us would be eagerly waiting for the three magic words in our courting days. I am not sure if it was the influence of pop culture whilst growing up or something more intrinsic to human mind. Communication.
Undoubtedly, Words are powerful. Use too many without meaning and they become cheap. Use too sparingly and watch the gulf it creates in relationships.
For some of us, including myself, a written or spoken word means a lot. As a child, a handmade card would always be my go to present for all my loved ones. Still is.
Here are few gift ideas, for those people whose Love Language is Words of Affirmation :

1. Trail of Notes
Leave notes of compliments or messages hidden in the recipients belongings for them to find as the day/week progresses. If they are miles apart, post, email or message them a series of them.

Web Source: Notes for Words of Affirmation

2. Video Messages
This one is a classic and suits if you are doing it as a group present.

3. Memory box
Create a memory box. E.g. If you have a memorable holiday to a beach. Add beach elements, photographs, words or inside jokes you used during the trip. If you can, get miniature food items/knick nacks, do add those. Don’t forget to add a note about how much the trip meant to you.

4. Books
If the person loves books, gift them those and hide notes throughout the pages.

5. Playlist
Create a favourite song playlist for the person. Record a song in your own voice or a message at the beginning or in the middle.

6. A classic handwritten letter
Enough said.

7. Thank You/ Sorry Cards
Again, if you mean it. Say it sooner than later.

8. Say it Loud
If you think, the recipient will like a Public Display of Affection. Then say it Loud in a party, in front of your family and friends or even on Social Media.

9. No words call
Video call the recipient, but tell them you both can’t speak during the call. See if body language can speak instead! Sure to get you some giggles.

10. Listen
Instead of saying anything, simply listen to what the person has to say. No reactions, no judgments, no solutions.
Just say, I hear you.

Do let me know in your comments if you have any other ideas. If you have any questions or need help in executing any of these, Miss Little Elf is at your service.

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