DIY Inspiration: Easy Bookmarks

So, last weekend, Little Miss Elf, had an assistant – Miss Up to No Good. Both of them love craft and handmade stuff.

They really wanted to see if they could come up with some quick and easy ways to say Thank You to their Teachers. Together, they donned their creative hats and sat down to make a variety of bookmarks.

Each bookmark takes less than 5 minutes to make.

Materials you have from the craft box

So both of them went through the craft box and came up with all the assorted things they had. I will list them here below, how the materials in the above picture have been converted into cute Bookmarks.

  • The I love Coffee paper cut is actually a Scrap book embellishment. It comes with a tiny pocket, perfect to add a note to your Teacher. You could always make one by yourself. Oh, and the Coffee wooden stirrer is something which was lying in my kitchen.
  • Red Tissue Paper and Ice cream sticks were again from my craft box. Do you like the Flamenco Dancer hidden amongst the pages?
  • The Blue Wooden Frame as shown below was again something which was reading available. You could make your own using cardboard/card paper. Write a message or even add a picture for your Favourite Teacher.
  • The wooden cup and red Chiyogami paper is from Artcuts, UK. Do check them out. I have used stamp ink to colour the handle and bottom of the cup and simply added a tassle.
  • The Green Bead necklace was a piece which was lying in back of my cupboard and I had never worn it. I broke it down, added few other beads, pom poms to give it a new look. 🙂
  • The Blue Card paper and googly eyes are a must have in any Craft lover’s box. See what Miss Up to No Good turned it into in the video below:
DIY: Bookmark By Annika Patwardhan
Mr. Bobble Igg, the Bookmark

Please do let me know in your comments below, your thoughts, feedback or share pictures of your Diy bookmarks.

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