Top Gift Ideas for Quality Time

Many of us would remember this pandemic for different reasons. But I am sure, there is atleast one thing all of us would agree on. The quality time it has allowed us, for ourselves and for our loved ones.
I am so pleased that I could reconnect with some of my friends and family. In fact, pre- pandemic it used to be difficult to arrange a conference call amongst my best friends. Sometime, in May, I found myself chatting with my friends across the globe for 5 hours!
Yes, you read that right. That is a memory I will cherish forever.

For most of us, it’s not just spending time with people we love. It is about making memories.

Here are few gift ideas, for those people whose Love Language is Quality Time:

1. Gift an experience

Travelling, Museum visit, Stadium tour, Dance lessons, Wine and Paint evening. Gift the person, an experience they would kill for. If you can, go together with them.
I know, you will say Covid-19 makes it difficult. But, guess what…many of these activities can be done online now!

2. Honest Attempt vouchers
Sometimes, it is not about spending time with someone or doing an activity. But we simply tend to avoid those because our tastes our different. In that case, I would recommend Honest Attempt vouchers.
Take your mum shopping even if you don’t enjoy it so much or watch a football match with your brother even if you are there only for Ronaldo:)

Make a list of the activities which your loved one will enjoy but you generally avoid them. Gift them as vouchers to a loved one to use. Make it an honest attempt.

3. Activity vouchers
Just the opposite of No.2 above. Do certain activities which you enjoy doing together ever so often. Connect online if you are apart. Cooking, Workout or doing the dishes..list is endless.

4. Reminders/Calender appointments
If you are really struggling to make time for the other person, why not simply schedule a time ahead in your calendar?
A 15 minute time slot in the day, seems reasonable. A beer or chai with a colleague or a friend is all you need sometime. Make it a commitment that no matter what, you will make it to your appointment!

5. No fancy toys
This one is my favourite. I generally avoid giving my nieces or nephews any expensive gifts as such. Instead, I do a craft evening or spend time in a park. For older ones, it’s watching game or doing an escape room.

6. No Screen Time coupons

If someone close to you often complains about you spending too much time on Apps, Computers or Telly, maybe take it as a sign. You may or may not do it intentionally or perhaps it’s an exaggeration on their part. Why not give them No Screen Time coupons? They can get your attention by saying ” I am using this No Screen Time coupon for our breakfast this Saturday!”

7. Listen
Sometimes, people may actually spend their life in same house and yet find it difficult to find time for one another.
Young parents, family who stay in different corners of globe, people whose jobs take them away from home usually struggle the most. Not everything can be said over the phone, not everything can be expressed in a letter.
Instead of saying anything, simply listen to what the person has to say. No reactions, no judgments, no solutions.
Just say, I am there for you.

Do let me know in your comments if you have any other ideas. If you have any questions or need help in executing any of these, Miss Little Elf is at your service.


  1. All great ideas Julie, as usual!
    I would add one more – conversation cards (eg. Table-topics)! I have found these to be really interesting and there’s tealky nothing better than spending some quality time together and getting to know one another in a more meaningful way!


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