Top 8 ideas for Love Language of Gifts

Gift giving is rooted in every culture, tradition as well as the animal kingdom.
It is an integral part of majority festivals of the world. So, it’s hardly a suprise that it can be an individual’s love language.
It also matters, if it’s a timely one. You cannot gift someone two months late after an occassion.
Some may argue it’s an expensive expression of love or too shallow.

But, I believe that it’s the thought behind the gift that counts. Something which tells the recipient, they were in your mind when you bought it for them. Or even made it for them!

I am also aware, it is not for everyone.

A younger friend who was struggling to get a job once told me that she finds her new boyfriend too annoying when he brings her too many gifts!
I asked her if it was returning the favour which bothered about and she answered in affirmative. I know the idea of gifting someone can be really stressful for some people, common thoughts are:

– Is the budget right?
– Will they like it?
– Is it appropriate for their personality?
– Will they use it?
– Does it mean anything?

At Little Miss Elf, I will help and guide you through all these matters to find the perfect present for your loved ones.

So here are few “Gift Ideas” for those people whose Love Language is Gifts:

1. Your services or homemade

We all are good at something. Whether its cooking, dance or even financial matters. Why not gift your friend your services for a day or hour?
Offer to cook their meals, give them some tax advice for their business or repair their broken items for them!

2. Gift cards
Easy peasy! Vouchers of their favourite store, restaurants, hotels, spas. Don’t forget to ask them to send you pictures of the things they bought from it.

3. Subscription boxes
Why not send surprises every month?
There are plenty of subscription boxes which you can sign up for on behalf of your loved one. Tea Lovers, Chocolate lovers, Socks lovers, Book lovers!

4. Keepsakes
Gift them something which they will treasure forever. Something personalised or a memory which they cherish. If you are not sure, just ask me how đŸ˜€

5. A donation to a charity or institution   This will keep their legacy on for generations to come! Plus a smile on your face every time you pass that place. Or if they are passionate about a charity or a cause, why not help them with it!

Source: Unsplash

6. Series of gifts
Similar to subscription boxes but plant little gifts as the day goes or give them as a countdown towards their big day.

7. Swishing party/Lil Flea Market/Garage Sale
Have a group of friends with similar interests? Throw a Swishing Party!
I organise one almost annually for my girl friends who love clothes, jewellery, knick knacks, homeware, books.

Steps to do this:
a. Just Marie Kondo your home.
b. Get items which are in great condition but you don’t use any longer nor want to put it on Ebay. Essentially, which you wouldn’t mind giving away for free.
c. Get together in someone’s home and give items to the host who will display in a room. Nobody else gets to see them beforehand.
d. The host will open the room, everyone can pick up things of their choice. There is no price tag attached here!
Surprises and smiles every where.

This is a great way to get new things for free. You will know the person whom it is coming from. Easy on the pocket and environment. And when there is a party, there is some cake too! đŸ˜€đŸ˜€

Men, who could do that with your sports memorabilia, books or board games. Great if you have growing children, who are in forever need of things.

Don’t worry, you can totally arrange this as a zoom call. Just post those items to your friends or save them to pick them up later!
If you need any more information, just ask me how đŸ˜€

8. What they truly love!
I find it impersonal to gift someone cash. But I do understand that some people like to pick up things themselves.
Someone maybe hard pressed for cash or saving for something big. In that case, it is wise to gift them just that.
Maybe you mark it saying – For that gorgeous sofa you have been eyeing!
Or – ‘ Take that plunge – Enjoy your diving’.
If you are not sure, just ask the person what they love or what they may fancy. Trust me, they will be thankful!

Hope you liked these ideas. If you would like any help, with any of these, please do ask.

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