The opposite of Happy is not depressed

Poor communication is my pet peeve. So, if customer service does not respond on time or without proper explanation, chances are they have lost a customer. As do people, who refuse to answer messages for a week. If you are busy let me know so that I stop wasting my time on you. The other peeve is people not using the correct words to express themselves or situations.
That’s why, I feel enraged, when people throw in words casually like “Oh! I am so depressed because my boss fired me.”
“Her business is not going anywhere at the moment but she is still happy.”
You are not depressed because of the incident, you are a little sad perhaps upset. As also, this business woman maybe calm, strong or hopeful about her situation.Not ‘happy’ with her business going anywhere.
It is important that we teach the right vocabulary to express ourselves for avoiding this crazy pursuit called happiness or seemingly happening word ‘depression.’ Depression is a mental illness, you may live with it and not know about its existence.

‘Happy’ is only an emotion just like any other. It is fleeting and momentarily.
Keeping it as a goal is harmful to your well being and other emotions.
We need to acknowledge all our emotions.Maybe then, we will be more happy!
(*Face palm)….more Realistic.

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