Eat, Love, Pray and Listen

Recently, an insightful conversation sparked amongst my friends around ‘Privelege’. Although, it eventually, lost its steam, one thing we concurred that money solves only money problems. Though it is the biggest hurdle for many, it only brings you only material happiness.
Whenever, we have a whine about silliest of things, we often joke here and say “My first world problems.”
Years ago, when I had watched the movie – ‘ Eat, Pray, Love’, my mind went exactly that – ” First World Problems”. There is only person, I know loved the movie. Until a few years ago, when life simply wacked me hard.
It has, since, found one more admirer.
The movie wasn’t the most well made but the concept isn’t quite flawed. Apply it with ease in whichever stage of life or whatever quest you are on. But don’t forget to eat, pray, love and I would add ‘listen’.
Listen to your body, when you eat. Eat what nourishes your soul.
Listen to your mind and body when you pray. Pray to ignite your soul.
Listen to yourself and others. There lies the secret to loving. Whole heartedly.

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