Top gift ideas : Acts of Service

My mum always says that ‘People don’t love an individual but their work or how useful they are to another.’ I never understood that. Isn’t love unconditional and what not? Wouldn’t it defy that logic?

Maybe I was too naive but now I swear by that mantra. After my honeymoon period of marriage, I started finding my husband’s unclean (relative) ways so annoying. Why can’t he help me with housework, does he notice, understand how hard I am working to keep the house together?

Can he lend me a hand? Does he love me? I thought, I was an independent woman and asking for help was shameful but it started taking toll on me. For me Act of Service became Act of Love.

I am sure this is a common scenario. Not just in a marriage but any relationship. Mother-daughter, Father-son, Siblings.

So here few gift ideas for people whose Love Language is Act of Service. As always, Little Miss Elf is here to help.

1. Outsource. If you have a little cash to spare, why not get paid help to do chores for another person. Either as a one-off or a recurring treat. Get Laundry, Cooking or Cleaning sorted out. Sponsor Car wash or Child care.Let the recipient relax a bit.

2. Jar of Services. List down tasks which you can do for other person. Make chits and put in a jar or a box. Give a massage, cook breakfast and so forth. The recipient car choose what they like and when!

3. A Day off. Give them a day off from their daily chores! Either arrange for those to be done, send them away to do their favourite activities or step up a bit and do those for them. Let the Mum attend Zumba class whilst you do the dishes. Let the Dad enjoy his favourite match whilst you do the pick-up and drop for the children.

4. Self-care boxes. If you are away or distance doesn’t permit you then, arrange for some self-care boxes sent to the recipient. Tell them ‘Sorry can’t be in person to take care of you’. It can be a spa hamper, massagers, essential oils, comfort food.

5. Volunteer. If you have been motivated to give back, make a difference or simply serve back to the society, why not volunteer in your local community project or institution? That will be greatest Act of Service for your self and to others. Find out what is going on nearby and see how you can help. Partner the volunteering activity with a recipient who believes that ‘Doing means Business’.

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