Alice in Wonderland

(Remembering my walk around Stanley Park, this time around last year)

I walk hurriedly like the Mad Hatter
but with an air of a friendly West Coast jet-setter.
Very determined, I open the Stanley Park map.
A light grey sky cannot deter a Londoner armed with a rainy cap.

The Lion Gate bridge adds to its glory as the theatrical sea planes fly in a flurry.
The picturesque Grouse at the backdrop and the lady in the wet suit on the rock.

The sandy beaches, rose gardens and the trails in the woods.
Almighty God! This place with all twists and turns at every corner is too good.

Dwarfed before the looming Totem poles,
I wonder if I might just fall into a rabbit hole.
Capitaved by the beauty of the mighty Pacific, solitary I stand.
Like Alice in Wonderland.

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