More Prague Tales

I almost had tryst with language, on the morning we started for Vienna at Tesco. So I had ventured by myself to buy few essentials for the trip as it was a long journey and apprehending that we may not stop for lunch. One of them items was a necessity for female hygiene. I scorched earnestly the basement – usual food, toiletries section. Having that Indian mentality, I never bothered to ask the male assistant but approached few local ladies – calling the object of urgent necessity by their standard references. Unfortunately, they did not get what I was trying to say and I was about to make another attempt – by telling them in sign language of course! 

What will I enact? wait  a minute ….Eeeks…. I will look like a clown, I thought to myself. Luckily I saw the female assistant on the floor to my rescue.‘Upstairs in women’s section’, in her broken English. Ha! There they were next to perfume and lingerie!

This made me realise, how we see world with a One Track mind all the time. My brain was programmed to find them in the toiletries section and nowhere else. How most of the times we often think that the way we do things is the best way.
By day 3 , we had seen most of the touristy Prague, including throngs of youngsters walking down the streets for the famous Pub Crawls at night.

So that morning, we decided to go to Prague Castle once again but this time to walk in the Orangery which lies beneath the castle and walk our way upwards to the castle .

Then began our little shopping trip, buying souvenirs, paintings, browsing books, locally painted art crafts until we stopped by the Kafka Museum to admire David Cernys brilliant sculpture. This is where my heart stopped to appreciate not just Prague but the country as a whole.

The brilliant Czech writers, the talented classical music artists(Mozart first played in Prague before he found fame in Austria) and even modern day artists like David Cerny whose satirical sculptures are spread in the city or their popular comics Svjelk.

I thought Prague was just a pretty town in Europe, little did I realise what a booming economy it is today post its Communist era.

Take a closer look, look in depth and you realise Prague is more complex than you think. More mysterious, every lane has perhaps some hidden story to tell.
Now I do think that the director was right in filming the movie in this city – it coincided the love story of Heer and J.J.  Passionate and unconventional.

12 September 2014

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