Prague Tales : Discovering the dark , mysterious city

Prague! Where is that? Most of us reacted when we saw the movie Rockstar, many pronounced it as ‘Pregue’ or something of sorts. Thanks Bollywood, you added one more European city to the list. So as hubby was dilly-dallying his plans about summer holidays, I checked with my friends if they would like to have a quick go at the city. So the three of us agreed to ditch our husbands and venture to Prague over a pre-weekend. (Pre-weekend huh? Welcome to life of JK where weekend starts earlier than most mortals)

Other than discovering a city by myself, I was also happy that I would get time knowing two new people- MJ and MP. Perhaps the six degree of separation rule holds true. I had bumped into  vivacious MP at my local gym and although we had not exactly spent tons of time together, we did get comfortable enough to tolerate each other for next 3 days. MJ, I met her in fellow Indians locality group and we convinced the funny foodblogger to join us.

As I started my research for this trip, I was fascinated by this capital of Czech Republic. A country engulfed in rich history and culture. There was certainly more to Prague than Nargis Fakhri running down a bridge in her long gown at dawn.
As we set out with a map (we left the job to MP), to explore the city on foot, we were bedazzled by every building in Stare Mestro aka Old Town, every nook and turn we came across a pretty structure. Not just the architecture, but even beautifully painted walls.
We prayed that MJ could make the long walks through the cobbled streets as she was in a bad state of health before the trip. But it was MJ who excitedly pointed out towards something interesting at every corner.

We lost our way many a times in Prague ki gallis on our way towards getting authentic and reasonably priced Czech cuisine.  As we passed the stunning Astronomical clock and the famous tourist filled square of Prague and St. Vitrus Cathedral , we reached the Jewish Quarter of the city. 

Where is this place V.Korkovna? Each of us argued of a different direction, only to find the restaurant in front of us. Thank god, we are carnivores and beer lovers as we flipped through the menu. I adventured into the much recommended ‘Moravian sparrow’ but it did not appeal much to my Indian tastebuds whilst MP happily dug into her rabbit.

Post lunch, we struggled to get into the right tram to the Castle which stood on the other side of river Vllata. The tram unwinded over the hill, giving us pretty views of the city until all of our attention was drawn towards the medieval castle district.

t was early evening when we reached the Castle Complex and the crowds had dispersed. MJ and MP, made the most of it and took all sorts of pictures to the fullest. MJ stumbled across this shop ‘Manufactura’, a Czech artisan shop selling handmade toiletries and cute china. We loitered around the Castle district for a while following paths where our feet took us.
Speaking of feet, do you know the origins of your Bata footwear? Its Czech Republic. 

Tired and exhausted with our day’s adventures we took a short break and dragged ourselves again to see the city by the night. I am glad that we did! We licked a yummy gelato on our way to the Charles Bridge while walking the quite path way to see the lights on the river. 
Charles Bridge during the night is stark different from the crowded and local artist filled one during the day.

Ah! How surreal. Right out of a mysterious fairy tale.  This reminded my trip to Budapest, earlier in the year and ever more so when I saw couples cuddle on the benches on the river! 
(How priceless! Only if they even let couples hold hands at Marine drive)
Exhausted I sank into my bed, now if only Prince Charming was besides me in this fairy tale town! 

12 September 2014

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