Nirop- A Farewell

I have a geeky confession to make. I have practised writing numerous essays as a preparation for the 10th board exams. One of the most annoying topics, which I found then was one called “Shalecha Nirop Ghetana” (Saying Goodbye to School). My version was definitely one of the plagarsised ones with some heavy words of losing the safe place and entering the big bad world thrown in for the special effects.
I was too under equipped emotionally to understand what it truly meant. I was simply excited to get an opportunity to dress up in Mum’s sari, click pictures and have a day off studies on the Big day.
But since then, I have been a party to so many ‘Nirops’.
The ones which we left unsaid,
And the ones where we all cried in turns consoling each other.
There were some where I had sworn not to see that person’s face again.
Whereas some were only temporary, restless ones even though knowing that I would see the person the next day yet again!
The Wedding Bidai is losing its place in the modern world.
The workplace ones are indeed interesting. You have a gut instinct on who exactly is feeling the loss and why.
The airport ones are most genuine now. There is an annual ritual of those for me.
What about the ultimate farewell called the funeral?

How would a 15 year old know about this constant heartbreak?

31 January 2020

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