A Fashion Tutorial for the Soul

Take a piece of cloth,
not too long, not too short.
Boring plain or with dots
it’s a tutorial for the soul, so don’t tie yourself into knots.

Wrap it around your head like a veil,
now wrap it around your neck with ends dangling like a tail.
Fold it across your shoulder or tie it around waist.
Do you look your best?

Maybe wear it like a dhoti
Grab a belt, style it like a kimono.
Or perhaps throw it around shoulders on a sunny beach.
Who are you, wearing the same piece of cloth?
A devote Muslim, a fashionable Parisian,
a holistic Hindu, A free spirited Brazilian.

If you fail to see the human soul, if you only see yourself in a box.
It’s clearly time for fashion detox.
Take the cloth and tie it around your collar,
Only really, really tight this time around.

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