Remember the time you were eight, begging your mum to let you play in the hot summer sun? “At four o’clock”, she would say, putting her foot down firmly.

You would accept My Lord’s orders rather unwilling and go about pottering around the house. Fling the classics book aside as you had enough of it.
With a red crayon in hand, you would try to bury into a rather dull colouring book. Your tummy pressed against the cool floor, with your feet dangling in the air, you simply waited, embracing the stillness.
Maybe you managed to close your eyes for a few minutes, transported to a far distant land. You were the hero, fighting off the wicked witch or simply thinking of your evening at the Chowpatty.

When did you last sit still? Moving to the next conquest, new chore, new home improvement.

So curl up in a corner of the sofa or in your shady room and permit a gentle escape. The soft rays on the tip of the icy mountains, the silhouette of giraffes in the African sunset. The water lilies of every colour floating from Monet’s framed master piece.
Embrace the stillness.


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